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Growing Up Lucky by Dori Newman

This is about a special time and place by the sea, in the 1930’s and 1940’s. It is Gene Haley's recollection of his boyhood in Margate, New Jersey, on Absecon Island near Atlantic City, as a piece of Americana seen by a boy and his dog. The dog just found Gene one September morning and they adopted each other. LUCY THE ELEPHANT is part of that story. She survived the thirties, the war years, the major hurricanes, and she prevailed. With their stories I hope the reader can feel that special Atlantic island: a beach oasis when the rest of America was crying, and a front line beachhead when America went to war.

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TO PAINT A TREE by Charlotte Newman and Nancy Elizabeth Menges

TO PAINT A TREE is an essay by my late Mother, Charlotte Newman, which accompanied her tree paintings. It was first presented in abbreviated form with two paintings at the Ferry Gallery at Centenary College for Women in March 1973. At that time, Charlotte taught design at Centenary. The essay alone was repeated for the University Women’s Network at Southwest Texas State University (SWT) in San Marcos, Texas, in October 1982. Charlotte had moved to the Art Department at SWT in 1974. By 1986, there were more tree paintings. Both the paintings and the essay TO PAINT A TREE were exhibited at the University Gallery. The tree painting which graces the cover of this book was later exhibited at Charlotte’s retrospective exhibit, IMAGE AND AFTER IMAGE, at the University Gallery just before Charlotte’s retirement from SWT in 1989. Charlotte had photographed all her tree paintings as slides. With prints from the slides, I compiled TO PAINT A TREE as a booklet for my Mother, with a few Xeroxes... That is as far as it had gotten when Charlotte died in 1996.

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LIFE LINES by Phyllis Rosenteur with Cartoons by Rich Daley

This is a collection of mostly humorous poems by New York writer Phyllis Rosenteur, written over many years and featured in magazines.  Topics for the poems are The Human Condition, Food, Medicine, Romance, Style, Technology, Nostalgia, and Plants and Animals.  The sections are introduced with cartoons by Rich Daley.  The Plants and Animals section also included two essays by Compiler Dori Newman:  Woof Woof Amanda in Manhattan and The Impossible Garden.  Phyllis' garden, on a rooftop in Manhattan is photographed in color.

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Once Upon A Time Off Broadway by Dori Newman, a 1980's romance novel


This is a new novel by Dori Newman, about going dancing in New York in 1988 and 1989.  It recaptures the atmosphere and music of 30 years ago while offering interactive choices for the modern reader.  Many songs of the time are referred to in the novel.  The reader can go to You Tube or wherever modern readers get their music, and listen to the song.  Then go back to reading.  While this is a historical novel of the pop culture of the time, it is also very romantic.  The plot and characters are fiction.  The places they visited and the music they danced to are real. This is one of the books to read in 2019.

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